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Turkish Coffee Night at Millersville University

On April 18, 2015, TCCPENN held its monthly coffee night program at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Local arrangements at the university were done by one of the members of the Turkish community Associate Professor of Physics, Dr. Mehmet I. Goksu.

The event attracted a decent number of people, that were interested to learn about Turkey, its culture, history and arts. Besides learning new information about Turkey, the guests were able to taste a wide variety of food, that was prepared for the event by many families of the local Turkish community.  After all, sharing great food is one of the important parts of the Turkish culture.

TCCPENN Harrisburg will continue its series of coffee nights at different venues, in accordance with its mission to inform people living in United States about Turkish history and culture.

Turkish-Coffee-Night-at-Millersville-1 Turkish-Coffee-Night-at-Millersville-2